Family wings

"Family is the cradle of free and responsible people"
Theresa Andrushchyshyn

School for parents and educators

The school shows in which direction we should go. The results depend on the active participation of parents and their endurance.

The purpose of the program: to help parents in the good upbringing of children, the foundation of which is mutual understanding, dialogue, and the formation of the child's character according to value guidelines. The motto of the program: to educate is to love and demand.


"How to speak so that children listen to us, how to listen so that children talk to us"



School for Parents and Educators

The school for parents and educators also uses the foundations of the pedagogical theory of "education without failure" by Thomas Gordon (Gordon, 1991), promoting the idea of ​​education based on the creation of a proper relationship between parents and a child, the tool of which is "a way of communicating with another person."

Psychological support

Psychological consultations are possible in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish.Scope of services: - family consultations; - learning difficulties; - difficult behavior in children; - mood disorders in children and adolescents; - assessment of school maturity of the child.

Emotional first aid kit

International preventive program. The purpose of the program is the development of basic social and emotional skills in children aged 8-12 years, as well as preparation for independently overcoming difficult situations, strengthening their resistance to stress, and forming an optimistic, positive attitude to life.

Emotional SOS

The program is based on the "Emotional First Aid Kit" program to support, strengthen and give hope to children who have left their homes due to war and are going through difficult changes. This is a series of 10 classes aimed at effective work with children aged 8-14 years.

Words: windows or walls

A program for youth aimed at psychoeducation and prevention teaches how to express feelings, recognize them, name them and meet needs without violating other people's boundaries. This contributes to the formation of deep and healthy relationships, general well-being and success in life.

Our team


Theresa Andrushchyshyn

co-founder of the NGO "Wings for the Family"

- Doctor of social sciences in the field of pedagogy (Poland);- Master of pedagogy with a specialty: guardianship and educational pedagogy and Christian education;- Specialist in sexual education of children and youth;- Lecturer and head of marital and family specialization at the Institute of Theological Sciences in Horodok;- Host of author's seminars on the topic of sex education for parents, educators and youth;- Works with brides, families, spouses in crisis;- Trainer of the "School for Parents and Educators" program.


Victoria Kondratyuk

co-founder of the NGO "Wings for the Family"

- Teacher and department head"Psychological Service" of the National University "Ostroh Academy";- Member of the Ukrainian Association of Christian Psychology;- Trainer of international programs"School for Parents and Educators", "Emotional first aid kit" and "Add strength";- Master of Psychology with pedagogical qualification (Catholic University of Lublin);- Art therapist (graduate of the Academy of Special Education named after Grzegorzewska in Warsaw);- Participant of numerous psychological projects and trainings.


Victoria Siegert

head of the Non-governmental organization "Wings for the Family"

- Master of Psychology;- Family consultant;- Trainer of international programs "School for Parents and Educators", "Emotional SOS", "Add strength";- Member of the Ukrainian Association of Christian Psychology and the Ukrainian Association of Environmental Psychological Assistance;- Participant of numerous psychological projects and trainings.




Public organization "Family wings" together with "Wings for Education" (Skrzydła dla Edukacji w Lublinie) announces good news! Namely, together we managed to win the "Light of UNDERSTANDING" project, which is co-financed by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation within the framework of the RITA program - "Changes in the Region", which is implemented by the "Education for Democracy" Foundation.


Fundacja Uskrzydlamy

Thank you for your cooperation and support for the "Uskrzydlamy" Foundation, because thanks to them we are able to conduct training for the instructors of the international prevention program "Emotional First Aid Kit" and "Emotional SOS". And each of them, in different parts of Ukraine, will work with children and provide them with support. For us and for the "Uskrzydlamy" Foundation, a person occupies a central place, which is why we are so eager to "wing" him.


Wings of hope

Adaptation of the program and training of specialists took place within the framework of the "Wings of Hope" project, financed by the "Supporting Ukraine" program of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation, implemented by the Education for Democracy Fund. The implementers of the project are the "Wings for Education" Foundation, the Center for Positive Education, the "Wings for the Family" NGO.

In order to change the child, first of all, you need to start changing yourself

At our training you will:Determine the purpose of education, priorities.Learn where feelings and emotions come from, and how to help children control their own emotions.Learn to encourage your child to cooperate

Our measures

We conduct interesting activities and training with our lecturers and teachers


"Emotional first aid kit" in Kyiv

On December 2-3, 2023, an educational training on the international psycho-prophylactic program "Emotional First Aid Kit" was held. The training was organized by the NGO "Family wings" with the financial support of the "Uskrzydlamy" foundation. Thanks to cooperation with the Center for Positive Education in Warsaw, our organization got the opportunity to train professional instructors from the "Emotional First Aid Kit" program from Ukrainian cities: Kherson, Irpin, Poltava, Zhytomyr, Khmelnytskyi and Kyiv.

Action "Give a nativity scene to children suffering from war"

NGO "Family wings" together with invaluable support, organized the campaign "Give a nativity scene to children suffering from war", and also collected Christmas book gifts for children with the support of the "Uskrzydlamy" foundation. The purpose of the actions was to provide and share the joy of Christmas with children who live in the de-occupied territories or are displaced.

This guide offers practical strategies for the psychological recovery of war-affected women. Key topics include stress, safety, self-regulation, BASIC PH theory, constructive thinking, and emotional states.

Download the book if you are looking for:

● Effective methods of overcoming stress and uncertainty.
● Practical exercises to strengthen psychological stability.
● Theory and tools for psychological recovery.

Download the tutorial and get started
your way to inner harmony!

Our book «Step forward»


Psychological consultations are possible in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish

Scope of services:- family consultations- learning difficulties- difficult behavior in children- mood disorders in children and adolescents- assessment of school maturity of the child



An incredible experience of getting to know yourself, your emotions, experiences and your inner world. "School" became for me a sip of fresh spring water in the scorching heat. She helped me to make sure that I was doing the right thing, to think about what I would like to change. I recommend it to everyone!


I received a parcel with treasures, and everything there is so pleasing. Very nice and thank you very much. Thank you for providing such wonderful, useful tools to work with, it is much needed right now. This morning I had a class on the "Emotional first aid kit" program, everything was wonderful. I love you and Victoria and wish you prosperity and abundance, good health, and victory. Thanks for the work!


It is worth taking the first step in the "School for Parents and Educators" - and curiosity, inquisitiveness, novelty will become your companions! The wonderful coach Victoria will always support, support and explain.


"School for Parents and Educators" helped to understand their children better, the school gives endurance, to feel what children are going through, to be able to resolve conflicts, recognize their mood and help solve problems. I learned to control my emotions, teach children independence, recognize their emotions, listen to children, appreciate their successes, love them more.


After "graduating" from school, I now know that I am a good mother. I don't always succeed at everything, but I try and see good results in my relationship with my son. I allowed myself to "relax", stop being "hard", and became more flexible and the child became more interesting with me, she became more open and sincere. I am learning to see the world through Mark's eyes, and as a result I am more patient with everything.

Lyudmila Tretyak

"School for Parents and Educators" is a guide to a happy family: happy children, calm parents. "School for Parents and Educators" is a new discovery and understanding of oneself and one's actions. "School for Parents and Educators" is interesting, sincere and relaxed evenings in a wonderful company of like-minded people.

Our implementers


What gives us wings in life is the feeling that someone needs us, that what we do has meaning. During the war, sometimes it is difficult to find meaning in small things, events that are no less important than those that seem big and most important to us. Going to victory, each of us, in his place, can defend Ukraine!


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