Words: windows or walls

"Words: Windows or Walls" is a psycho-educational, preventive program for youth 12+, created by prof. psychology of Nadia Ignatovich-Savic, based on Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication method. The course lasts for 16 one-hour meetings led by the instructor of the SBS program.

The purpose of the program:
Teaching young people to openly express their feelings, to recognize and name them, and to meet their needs without violating other people's boundaries. This contributes to the formation of deep and healthy relationships, general well-being and success in life.


Meeting topics:

● Learn to take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions without judgment and criticism;● Prevent and resolve conflicts through empathic communication;● To achieve emotional stability;

● Recognize and constructively satisfy one's needs;● Break the thinking patterns that lead to anger and depression;● Confirm your self-esteem;

● Improve your well-being, motivation to study, work and creativity;● Reduce the level of stress in your life;● Learn to name and express your feelings.

By opening the windows of their feelings and the walls of their needs, young people become architects of deep relationships and a prosperous future. The project "Words: windows or walls" helps young people to understand their needs, to learn the language of communication, which strengthens the connection with themselves and others. Expand your vocabulary of emotions, build bridges of trust, learn to see the world through the prism of compassion. Together we shape a future where words are windows, not walls.

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