Emotional First Aid Kit

A valuable educational program teaches children to build a sense of self-worth and faith in their own abilities.

Classes are aimed at forming communication skills, building good relationships and an optimistic approach to events encountered in life.

When we get hurt or injured, we run to get a plaster or bandage in our first aid kit. And what about the situation when you have to deal with difficult emotions and internal competitions or find a good mood and hope? During joint meetings, each child creates his own Emotional First Aid Kit and supplements it with the topics that are raised at the meetings and which are important for the emotional health and good functioning of the child.
Implementation of the program contributes to the development of children's ability to cope with stress and difficulties, thanks to the formation of attentive thinking, building positive beliefs, self-belief and understanding of others.


The goal of the Emotional First Aid Kit program is to develop basic social and emotional skills in children aged 7-13, as well as to prepare them to independently overcome difficult situations, strengthen their resistance to stress, and develop an optimistic, positive attitude to life.

In program of First aid kit

The concept of ATTENTION (Mindfulness) is used, as well as the stress reduction method developed by John Kabat - Zinn, based on conscious attention. Based on them, tasks were proposed to develop and strengthen such skills as:

● recognizing and naming feelings,● careful listening,● cooperation,● formation of good relations with others,

● definition and transformation of limiting beliefs,● formation of a life position: optimism, cooperation, creativity, perseverance, care for health, sincerity, kindness, gratitude and freedom in dreaming.

The program consists of 10 modules, each of which can be devoted to 3 or 4 meetings, depending on the needs of the group. The program can be implemented during one school year, meeting with the group once a week.

Topics that children will encounter:

1. First aid kit of treasures - how to treat soul wounds?2. Optimism - if you think positively, it will be easier!3. Friendship - express love and friendship!4. Creativity - learn all your life, discover and strengthen your talents!

5. Perseverance - don't give up, success in life is a long-distance run!6. Physical health - take care of your health and exercise daily - it will improve your well-being!7. Sincerity - do not complicate your life!

8. Kindness - try to understand and support others!9. Gratitude - express your gratitude for everything you meet!10. Dreams - define your goals and follow your dreams!

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